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Help us raise $3000USD to build a temple for Ganesh. The murti is crossing the ocean at this moment from India to Costa Rica. 

The temple needs to be big enough to offer puja, and strong enough to endure tropical rains 


Last year,  in the midst of the pandemic a Mexican girl came to the ashram. Once back home, she decided she wanted to offer special puja to everyone donating to her charities. She thought:


"What better way to thank people who want to help people, especially children, if it's not through the act of offering Light to the Divinity? But there's a problem, the concept of puja is easy to explain, but how can I explain that we are offering puja to Haidakhandesvari Ma? Almost no one knows about Her... There has to be a way puja can be offered and people can be able to appreciate it at the same time"


The solution to this problem was simple: EVERYBODY LOVES GANESH, and everybody loves a BIG Ganesh.


And so, the quest for a big Ganesh murti started. We looked everywhere on the internet but nothing seemed to be exactly what we wanted. Until one day, someone clicked on a website.


It belonged to a small family of murti artisans in India. The website was built by a westerner who fell in love with the dedication, devotion, and skills they put into their work. Amongst the picture gallery, we saw GANESH, almost screaming at us: ME, RECOGNIZE ME, I'M THE ONE!


Our hearts melted when we saw Him, but another problem arose: How can we bring Ganesh from India to Costa Rica?


But as we all know, one just needs to raise such a heartfelt question in order for Lord Ganesh to take the wheel, and just like that, He started to do what He does best: REMOVE EVERY OBSTACLE IN THE WAY.


In an almost magical and very impressive way, every obstacle was removed. From transportation issues to tax fees, to customs papers. Ganesh really wanted to come to Costa Rica.


But there was another problem, even when transportation had been handled, there was no way the murti could be able to get in time to get into the boat coming from India to Costa Rica. The pandemic had really taken a toll on transportation, and delays were a daily matter for any international shipping.


We were certain the murti was not going to make it and we thought: "Ganesh will come when He wants to come".


And it was, during Shivaratri's night when we received the call: GANESH IS ON ITS WAY! just in time!

The news was given to us in owe by the person in charge of the shipping saying: "I've never seen this happening! It has never happened before since the pandemic! This is a real miracle!!"


So Ganesh is crossing the ocean at this very moment!! Lord Ganesh has made His job now we have to do ours.


This murti needs a temple, a proper mandir in the ashram gardens it has to be big enough so we can offer puja and abhishek but strong enough to support the tropical rains.  This costs 3.000 USD.


The ashram funds have been shortened since we had to cancel activities and events due to Covid and it has really affected the ashram income, this is why we need YOU!


A puja will be offered for every donation made!


Help us offer the perfect welcome for GANESH!.

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